Welcome to RUKUS, it is nice to meet you. 

You are here because you like to think outside the square.

Let me re-ignite your inner child and take you on a journey of the imagination. 

It is here that you will find quality, limited edition prints.  Unique and whimsical imagery not found everywhere.  

Let me take you on a journey of the imagination.

The After - Loren Shoemark 6000 3.jpg

A   L I T T L E    A B O U T    R U K U S

Art is one of my dearest friends.  It is just there, it always has been.  My creative left brain began turning at a very young age and has ruled my thinking to this day.  It keeps me up at night, happily awake.

My world is unique, whimsical and branches off from my inner child, and will hopefully allow yours to surface once again.

RUKUS was created after years of creative thoughts decided to leave the nest and enter the real world.  RUKUS quite simply comes from the imagination, places in my head.

My limited edition pieces revolve around many characters and worlds, each with their own special story. 

My passion for art and photography has driven me from the beginning, and continues to drive me into the future.  My works are a collaboration of my landscape photography and from there I add layers upon layers of elements that I love, digitally rendering the final piece. All images are printed on quality acid-free paper archival rag paper.

I am truly grateful for your support as an artist and hope my work allows you to escape reality and re-connect with your inner child.

Amongst - Loren Shoemark Final 6.jpg
Aglow 3 - Loren Shoemark Final 3000 -  June 2022.jpg
THE FIELDS - By Loren Shoemark 16 July 2022 MASTER.jpg
The Agreement - Loren Shoemark LR Version MASTER ONE - Copy (3).jpg
On The Rocks - Loren Shoemark MASTER FINAL.jpg
The Forest - Loren Shoemark Absolute Master.jpg